Mitel Acquires Toshiba Unified Communications Assets.

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Mitel’s statement on the acquisition of Toshiba Unified Communications assets Excerpts from Mitel’s statement on their acquisition of Toshiba Unified Communications was taken from Mitel’s press release the original source can be viewed here. Effective immediately, Toshiba customers and partners have a clear path forward with Mitel, including ongoing access to existing Toshiba products and services. In […]

Free Carrier Consultation? How You can Pay Less for Better Services!

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What is a Telephone Carrier Consultation, and Why do You Need One?   With the way business is done today, services like Internet, telephone, and fax lines (as well as the many other methods of rapid communication) are invaluable.   Godfrey Reggio (the American film director) once said, “Technology has become as ubiquitous as the air […]

Toshiba Canada Telecom Closing: What This Means For Our Customers

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Recently, Toshiba Canada announced it would winding down its global telecommunication systems business. As a Toshiba customer, you probably have a lot of questions; don’t worry, we have supplied you with answers to the most frequently asked questions. If you find you still have additional questions that are not listed, please don’t hesitate to reach […]

The Latest Addition to the Total Communication Services’ Family: Mitel Canada

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Proudly introducing our new partnership with Mitel, A Canadian based company. When Total Communication Services started business over 20 years ago, our mission was to provide top quality service to our customers. We wanted to take the complex and make it simple, provide the best quality service and features, while ensuring that each of our […]


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As partners of Shaw, we had the pleasure of being invited to join them in their volunteer efforts at the Calgary Drop-In Centre. Two members of our team, Troy McIsaac and Christine Dalton, spent most of last Friday lending a hand. Both were impressed with the work that was being done at the centre to help […]

How long should my Business Phone System last?

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This is a question that many business owners ask, “how long should my business phone system last?”    In the past, your company may have purchased it’s phone system on the promise that it would last for many years. Now, 20-30 years later, you’re in the frame of mind to find another provider that can […]


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Whether it is for protecting property and assets or ensuring the safety of your people and clientele – a video surveillance system keeps you wired-in to what’s going on at your business or facility. Advances in wireless technology are making it easier for businesses to install reliable and robust video surveillance systems without the cost […]

Five Must-Have Features To Look For In a Call Centre System

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For many businesses and organizations whose success is built on providing responsive customer support and a telephone-based sales strategy, a call centre might be more accurately referred to as a “nerve centre.” When choosing a technology platform to power your call centre, there are three big picture objectives that should guide your decision: * Improving […]

5 Best Practices When Implementing a New IP Phone System

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Compared to traditional phone systems, IP phone systems, or VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone systems have a number of benefits that can give you a competitive edge and change how you do business. The “IP” in IP phone system refers to VoIP where your phone calls are routed over the internet or a local network […]


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If your company is looking to include virtual teams and a remote workforce, or if  you already have employees who telecommute, you’ll need telecommunications  tools and features in place to help your staff members succeed. Here are the top five business phone features to keep your virtual workforce connected.   IP Telephony IP telephony usually includes […]