Helping Canadian businesses and organizations communicate clearly.


Communication technologies are evolving at an unprecedented rate. As a business, you either keep up – or get left behind. Total Communication Services helps our clients stay at the forefront of technologies designed to improve internal efficiencies, drive sales, promote safety and enhance customer service.

Since opening our doors in Calgary in 1996, we have emerged as one of Canada’s leading independent full-service telecommunications company – now serving clients from Victoria to St. John’s. Total works with organizations of all sizes, across all sectors: including healthcare and hospitality. With a comprehensive offering of advanced products and services under one roof, we are able to provide total support, total solutions and total satisfaction to our clients. Nationwide.

A full suite of solutions. Customized for you.

We draw on our extensive experience, expertise and understanding of your business in order to tailor a powerful solution for you. This includes everything from wireless devices, VOIP, computer telephony integration, paging systems, conference telephones to voice and data cabling, IP cameras, sound masking and much more. Sometimes it involves robust, leading-edge technologies. Other times, we may recommend a tried-and-true solution that can offer proven performance at the greatest value. It comes down to what is best for your business.

Total specializes in Toshiba business telephone systems – and are their top Canadian Service Dealer. We are the only seven-time recipient of the Toshiba Master Service Award. It is Toshiba’s highest honour: recognizing excellence in customer satisfaction, service, technical competency, efficiency and training.

Superior strategy and support is built-in to all that we do.

Ultimately, everything we do is about giving you greater control over your communication needs. With Total Communication Services, you get the strength of strategic planning; the power of advanced products; the integrity of professional installation; the assurance of 24/7 support; and the ease and peace of mind that comes from award winning personalized service.