Call Centre Systems

Maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of your call centre.

Your call centre is a direct extension of your brand, and how your call centre handles the customer experience will create positive brand relationships and impressions with your customers. Be ready to serve your customers quickly with the correct tools and systems.

The Taske Contact Call Centre System (from Toshiba) gives you an advanced platform to interact directly, quickly and efficiently with your consumers. We also have other product-specific call centre systems built into the Zultys platform, like MXReport and Wallboard.

Key benefits include:

  • Real-time data allows you to evaluate performance levels and gain a clearer view into your organization’s call activity. This call centre system allows you to track resource availability, see daily employee productivity stats, and be alerted when key performance indicators are not being met. You can also stay on top of a variety of important efficiency indicators such as call wait times, average talk time, number of incoming calls and number of calls answered.
  • Visualizer is an invaluable tool for call analysis and tracking. You can quickly identify problems with a  complete view of incoming and outgoing calls. Easily manage calls with a powerful search tool; improve customer care by reviewing how calls are being handled; and quickly detect fraud or misuse of your phone system.
  • Reporting tools use real data to gauge the efficacy and performance of your call centre, and gain instant access to vital activity and key performance data, giving you the ability to enhance customer service and identify potential problems before they surface.
  • Desktop tools empower your employees by granting them access to real-time information and data. This allows them to make informed decisions on call management, break-times, and expected call volume at certain times of the day. It can reduce call times, increase employee productivity and increase service levels. Built-in messaging service and customizable desktop application allows your employees have the information they need at their fingertips.
  • Display Central-Display up-to-the minute, feature rich content that matters to your business while empowering, alerting and motivating your team to reach core business objectives. Features such as threshold alarms, visuals, and scrolling tickers highlight when service objectives are being met, and can motivate employees when key performance indicators are below expectation.

Taske Contact Call Centre Systems are intuitive and easy to implement, and even easier to learn.

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