Wireless Phones

Stay connected on the move.

Wireless telephones are a unique solution suited for dispersed work teams that frequently communicate with each other. They allow you to have full coverage in your building and outside areas, and can also connect to integrated machinery, computer system and even medical programs.

Wireless phones can tie into your phone system and run through wireless access points. This can range from a general office and management staff scenario to high-use environments for front-line personnel like nurse call systems.

Our certified and trained team of experts at Total Communication Services can ensure the correct access points are needed in the right places to work with your wireless phones. In the case of health-care clients, these wireless phones can improve quality of care and help to increase response times.

Wireless phones offer these benefits:

  • Improve response and productivity – Dramatically improve responsiveness and productivity of mobile workers by maximizing their availability. Simple, durable and reliable devices with range of accessories like headsets, carrying cases and lanyards add to the convenience.
  • Efficient use of infrastructure – Leverage wireless LAN infrastructure for voice and data applications and your investments in circuit-switched and IP PBX features throughout the workplace.
  • Superior voice quality – Deliver high-quality and secure voice communications that is clear and without static and noise.
  • Integration with applications– Increase your business efficiency by integrating with application systems and business processes. Through Open Application Interface, our SpectraLink phones provide two-way text messaging, alarm integration for paging, nurse call, email and CRM systems.
  • Increased quality of care – Faster response times in health and senior care settings with wireless phones allows patients and residents to receive the most professional and efficient care.

At Total Communication Services, we can make your wireless phones work on a voice and data WiFi infrastructure to reduce costs and to simplify management.

Call us today to discuss the best wireless options for your business. We offer scalable options for small retail stores to large corporate campuses, call centres and larger centres. We’ll match you with a system with the highest level of reliability and security and promise minimal administration and maintenance on your part.