Voicemail and Unified Messaging

Complete message control.

Gone are the days of checking voicemail only when you get to your desk at the office. With Unified Messaging (UM), you can conveniently retrieve and send voicemails, fax, and e-mail messages from an e-mail client via the Internet.

IT administrators have historically had to manage voicemail, telephones, email networks and data as separate entities. Unified Messaging enables you to consolidate all types of communications and manage more messages in less time. It will boost your employee productivity, foster collaboration and improve your customer service.

This voice processing feature can help your business by:

  • Managing calls – View, delete, search or sort all your messages from anywhere. Customize how you’re notified of voice mail messages with various types of alerts indicating levels of urgency. Our telephone systems give you total control of your messages, letting you replay, skip forward, backward, play messages in order of priority and allowing you to attach your own comments when forwarding to other users.
  • Improving your customer service – Get your messages quicker and more efficiently and never miss a call, and therefore, any business opportunity. This can improve your business’ efficiency and bottom line.
  • Enhance productivity – One mailbox syncs all the necessary messages you need in a single spot so you don’t have to check multiple devices each time. Employees can be responsive, even when they are mobile – so accessibility is no longer an issue.

At Total Communication Services, we want to help you manage your voice messages with ease. We’ll make sure it meets your needs today and is flexible enough to grow with your business.

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