Sound Masking

Eliminate background noise so employees can be more focused.

Over 80% of workspaces are based on an “open” office plan. While designed to encourage collaboration and the sharing of information – increased noise levels can be distracting and reduce employee productivity.

Total Communication Services adaptive sound masking technology helps enhance speech privacy, improve employee productivity, and eliminate noise issues. Sound masking emits a soft, subtle background sound to muffle noisy distractions.

Benefits include:

  • Increased employee productivity – Acoustic noise generated by sound masking helps stimulate mental concentration and eliminates noise distractions; as a result, you will see a measurable increase in employee efficiency.
  • Greater level of confidentiality and privacy – Sound is easily transmitted throughout open office plans and can mean your conversations are unintentionally overheard. Sound masking provides a layer of speech privacy to protect confidential and sensitive information.

With our intelligent sound masking technologies, the level of background noise pumped into the workplace precisely and automatically adjusts to the noise level of each unique work environment. This way, your employees’ comfort is always preserved. This uncomplicated solution is easier to install and manage and is much more economical than traditional office soundproofing methods.

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