Call Recording

Record calls to promote accountability and reduce risk.

A valuable add-on to call accounting software, call recording adds a layer of accountability and liability protection for your business. Call recording has become a standard in many industries including insurance and healthcare as many of these organizations are required to comply with regulatory requirements regarding private and sensitive information.

The benefits of using call recording include:

  • Dispute resolution – Easily access any call to help resolve customer disputes and complaints.
  • Risk management – This solution allows health care providers to meet regulatory compliances such as Medicare Improvements & Providers Act (MIPPA) and Health Insurance & Profitability Accountability Act (HIPPA). It conforms to Do Not Call Lists and the Truth in Lending Act (TILA) requirements for the insurance industry.
  • Analyze and grade calls – Provide tangible ways for your employees to learn, and better train them to achieve higher performance levels by enhancing communication, professionalism and customer care.
  • Increase employee productivity – Motivate your team by creating and tracking custom service goals; call recording naturally boosts employee productivity, service and accountability to the goals you’ve created.

When you purchase call recording services, you will receive call accounting for free. Our customer service and support staff can help you determine both the hardware and software solution your business needs to stay connected.

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