IP Cameras

Big picture video and surveillance solutions

Get smart and flexible video surveillance options for your business and security team. Our network cameras provide a solution to your security challenge, and deliver superior image quality, remote accessibility, scalability and cost-effectiveness.

IP cameras are an easy way to meet your businesses’ specific security challenges. Whether you need a whole new suite of security cameras, or are looking to upgrade your existing CCTV investment, a move to an open system provides you with a more productive and cost effective means of surveillance.

A network video system is capable of sending video without the need for a dedicated physical infrastructure — it uses IP networks like LAN and the Internet for transporting data instead of the dedicated point-to-point cabling used in traditional analog video systems.

 Useful features of a network video system:

  • Superior image quality – Enables you to more closely examine details and changes in images allowing for faster and better decision ­­– making it easier to safeguard people, places and assets.
  • Remote accessibility – Access real-time video from your authorized device anytime, anywhere. Easily capture and distribute high quality video over any IP network or Internet. Safely store the video at remote locations for convenience and security.
  • Easy to install, easy to expand – There are virtually no limitations to where a network video system can be placed, and they offer a high-level of integration with other devices or installations, making it an easy system to evolve or expand.
  • Scalability and flexibility – Expand your system simply by adding cameras. Choose exactly what you need for from large selection of products: including Thermal Network or HDTV cameras.
  • Cost effectiveness – Realize cost savings from an infrastructure standpoint, and since network systems don’t rely on dedicated and proprietary equipment or point-to-point cabling systems, you will save on management and equipment costs.
  • Distributed intelligence – With built-in video motion detection and alarm management, the camera decides when to send video, at what frame rate, with what resolution, and even when to alert a security operator, so suspicious behaviours, events or activities don’t go unchecked.
  • Analytics – The system provides details such as counts of people in and out of a location or how many are in line in a retail environment. They can prompt an auto page for busy areas. For safety purposes, a network video system can also help you detect any falls or emergencies for quicker response.

Our technical support team can provide you with a complimentary total review of your current security system or need, and work to protect existing CCTV investments and current IT investments to help keep your costs low.

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