Data Solutions

The right solution for your data needs.

Want to upgrade your data solutions to get full building coverage but not sure what your bandwidth and VoIP needs are?

At Total Communication, we get to know your business inside out so we can apply the right technology to help it grow. Our trained experts will evaluate your needs around web and audio conferencing, video conferencing, voice and data requirements and your overflow and recovery options.

We also understand carriers. And this lets us deliver wireless internet and point-to-point connectivity even better. Our experience with carriers across Canada ranges from telephone lines, internet connection, TV services as well as private data connections. We can liaise with our partners on your behalf to secure the best possible pricing.

Total Communication Services is a channel partner with Shaw Communications so we can get preferred rates and negotiate to lower costs when it comes time for you to upgrade or switch carriers.

The benefits of getting Total Communication Services to handle your data solutions include:

  • Complete configuration – Our trained experts know what issues to expect on shared networks for voice, video and data. We’ll set everything up for you after understanding your current setup and existing and future requirements.
  • Better quality of service – We work with your IT team or even do the network installation ourselves — no third party installers are required. We’ll collaborate with you by discussing options and priorities from fail-safe measures to costs, ensuring it also fits within your budget.
  • Total support – Your first point of contact is our team of experts who are always available for onsite, remote and emergency after-hours support.

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