Conferencing Solutions

Remote meetings made easy.

Today, cloud technology and fast network speeds make it possible to seamlessly connect and collaborate with a geographically dispersed workforce and client base – as if every person were in the same room.

If you have remote employees and contractors who telecommute, conferencing offers a practical and profitable solution to bring  your team together. It also allows you to establish stronger relationships with clients in another city, another province or another country by hosting virtual meetings on a regular basis.

Total Communication Services’ conference phones set the standard for quality voice and video conferencing.

  • Audio conferencing –  Experience high fidelity voice clarity with our conference phones whether you in a small conference room or an expansive executive office. Our systems feature crystal clear sound and some even offer security of voice encryption and the ability to dial through a cell phone.
  • Videoconferencing Our advanced videoconferencing solutions include screen share capabilities and tools so that you can point to additional presentation materials on your device to collaborate with coworkers on the spot. If you choose, you can even have the option to record the meeting for later playback and evaluation.

Instead of using a third-party conferencing web solution that bills you monthly, Total Communications Services can integrate web conferencing into your preferred phone system and get you better rates.

High quality voice and videoconferencing can go beyond just being a tool that facilitates your meetings. It can increase productivity across your company, speed up decision-making and offer you a competitive advantage.

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