Network and Gateway Equipment

Dependable, professional network configuration.

Ensure clear communications by ensuring your voice, video and data systems are configured to your bandwidth requirements.

Total Communications Services’ trained and experienced support staff can ensure you are following standards and requirements so you can avoid these issues. We make sure you have the proper switches, routers and firewalls capable of supporting your telecommunications setup.

The benefits of getting Total Communication Services to handle your network/gateway equipment include:

  • Complete configuration – We’ll set everything all up for you. Our trained experts know what issues to expect on shared networks for voice, video and data. Using network audits, we can gauge if your network can accommodate new setup and make sure voice has priority in the network over data so voice quality isn’t compromised.
  • Better quality of service– We work with your IT team or even do the network installation ourselves — no third party installers are required. Our award-winning customer service team will collaborate with you by discussing options and priorities from fail-safe measures to costs. You’ll get our ongoing support even after you get the equipment and pieces installed. Just call anytime and we’ll troubleshoot and resolve any issues.
  • Warranty and security guarantee – Our team ensures a product warranty with all our network and gateway equipment and promise the highest level of security.

At Total Communication Services, the solution we design aims to meet your needs today and give you a platform to grow and expand on in the future.