Hands-free communication.

Enhance productivity, and free yourself from your mobile phone or traditional handset with a sleek and lightweight professional headset. Experience unbeatable sound quality, seamless connectivity and never miss a call again.

Our professional headsets are designed with superb sound quality that eliminates all background noise — even in the busiest locations.

With a proper headset, you will enjoy:

  • Increased efficiency – Headsets give your staff the ability to multi-task and answer their phones from up to 100m away from their desk without sacrificing sound quality.
  • Multiple connectivity – Seamlessly switch between calls on mobile, desk or soft phones.
  • User safe technology – Protect your hearing by cutting off sound spikes or sudden loud noises.
  • Noise cancelling technology – Reduce distractions by cutting out background noises.
  • Encrypted and protected sound – Protect your calls with encryption between the handset and the connected device.
  • Enhanced digital sound – Minimize misunderstanding and miscommunication. Clearly hear and be heard with sound enhancing technologies.

Let the experts at Total Communication Services match you with the right hardware for your business goals and communication needs.

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