The ability to be remote, mobile and productive.

By using VoIP, your workforce can operate remotely while appearing to be in your office. Incoming calls are automatically routed to a VoIP phone, and your employees can even access their voice messages via email, cell phones or landlines from anywhere.

Cost-effective and reliable, VoIP lets you access full telephone functionality on any device: laptops, tablets PCs or PDAs. Make calls, connect remote users and offices, from across the world or just across town while the customer on the other end experiences one seamless interaction with a local number and is none the wiser.

At Total, we specialize in business VoIP and provide high quality IP solutions. With telecommuting, multiple office connectivity and remote office connectivity, VoIP allows you to maintain one single easy-to-manage network instead of different infrastructures for voice, data and video.

Designed for businesses of all sizes, our custom, high-end VOIP solutions include:

  • SIP Telephone lines (VoIP) provide direct numbers and lower costs—and allow you to take advantage of existing internet connections and data infrastructure
  • VoIP Telephone systems offer advanced features such as:
    • Unified messaging (fax, voicemail and email together)
    • Fax from your desktop
  • Web conferencing
  • Permanent or travelling remote users
  • Presence and call handling settings based on presence
  • Mobile applications
  • Connections between locations for redundancy or better communication between sites allowing 3-4 digit dialing and single reception for lower overall costs

VOIP’s flexibility can bolster your business communications so you can nimbly respond to the changes of your dynamic workforce. Our excellent customer service and support staff can help you get better company-wide communication, additional features and scalability with VoIP today.

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