The Latest Addition to the Total Communication Services’ Family: Mitel Canada

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Proudly introducing our new partnership with Mitel, A Canadian based company.

When Total Communication Services started business over 20 years ago, our mission was to provide top quality service to our customers. We wanted to take the complex and make it simple, provide the best quality service and features, while ensuring that each of our customers’ needs were met so they could continue growing their businesses successfully- 20 years’ later these are still our goals.

Part of this mission included partnering with leading manufacturers that suited our customers —medium to large businesses across Canada—and their unique communication needs. As such, we are we are proud to announce a new partnership with a leading telecommunications provider, Mitel Canada! 

Who is Mitel Canada?

Mitel is a Canadian manufacturer of business telephone systems. Focused on optimum integration and interoperability, Mitel delivers an ever-evolving suite of open APIs to industry-leading software. They are leading the industry in cutting edge integrations solutions, a growing trend in the future of the telecommunications industry.

Total Communication Services Mitel

They have been a leader in Canadian telecommunications market since 1972, when the unprecedented tone-to-pulse converters led the transition from rotary-dial telephones to touch-tone phones.

The companies innovation continued as Mitel was the first to introduce a microprocessor-controlled & software-driven PBX system in 1975 – the SX200 PBX. They are always pushing the boundaries in Canadian telecommunications technology with cloud telephony initiatives, mobile offerings for today’s mobile-first world, and numerous other communications applications.

Reasons to love this new partnership.

  • Mitel is a Canadian company! We are proud to promote Canadian ingenuity and quality.
  • We love the look and more importantly the impressive quality of their phones.
  • This sleek look is full of innovative features, and provides a extraordinary ergonomic design – the very vision we have of 21st century communications has been brought to life by Mitel.
  • They are an industry leader that continues to lead the telecommunications market.

Our mission has always been to provide our customers with the right solutions for their business. We don’t sell you a “one-size-fits-all” product — because we all know it does not exist, we offer customized solutions that fit you, and your business needs.

Want more information on Mitel for your business?

Contact us for a complimentary consultation. The world of Unified Communications offers your business a boost in productivity and efficiency through improving technology – after all, isn’t that what technology is for?

We will be happy to talk with you about the best solutions available on the market, the solutions that will help your business operate efficiently, all while cutting costs and increasing revenue.


 “We couldn’t be happier to partner with Mitel, a leader in the telecom industry with a high-level solution suite while also providing all of the important requirements that we look for in a partner.  A Canadian based company with telecom as their core business, with a proven track record of providing solutions to business small and large across the globe, as well as a partner process – including high level training and support – what’s not to love!”

–  Troy McIsaac, Sales Manager, Total Communication Services Inc. 


“As the pace of business continues to increase, companies are seeking communications solutions that will enable them to communicate and collaborate seamlessly. Now more than ever, it’s critical they have a technology provider who has the expertise in finding the right solutions for their unique needs. Pairing Total’s technical capabilities and customer-centric approach, with Mitel’s strength in delivering productivity and customer service-enhancing tools, gives companies greater agility, and the power to use their communications foundation as competitive differentiator.”

–  Tom Lang, VP Sales, Mitel Canada


“Mitel has been an industry leader in the telecom space almost since its inception.  We are looking forward to being able to add their advanced features and functionality to our portfolio of customer solutions.”

–  Brent Schille, President, Total Communication Services Inc.



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