How Mobility Is Changing Business Communications in 2018 (Infographic).

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How Mobility Is Changing Business Communications in 2018 (Infographic).

For anyone who is keeping an eye on developments in technology (and how those developments are affecting business best practices) the idea of mobility being a game changer is nothing new.

We often hear how integral the ability to stay connected (regardless of location) is to the conducting of business in the 21st century.

But just how integral is it?

How soon are we going to start seeing the gap widen between those who’ve adopted the new ways of doing things (those who’ve adapted to change as it happened) and those who’ve fallen behind?

Mitel collected some interesting data concerning the future of business communications and the effect it will have on business (combined in the infographic below)…lets just say they’re taking big steps in adapting to change as it happens!

Their plan is to move towards mobility, the Internet of Things, and customizable Software as a Service, in order to stay in front of the ever increasing changes taking place on the business communications landscape.

They’re not alone in this either.

If you look at the major telecommunication companies in Canada you’ll see an increasing move towards low cost, customizable, mobile friendly, unified communications capabilities – but adapting to the mobile first business model seems to be at the core of all of these changes.

Not only are companies today more mobile than ever before, but the productivity, cost savings, and increased revenue that have come with implementation of this strategy has only propelled it’s popularity further.

Collaboration, workplace flexibility, and closer communication have increased the effectiveness of sales teams and remote workers across all industries creating new modes of engagement and more agility for businesses.

Another consideration on the minds of many organizations is the fact that within the next 5 years nearly 50% of the workforce will be made up of “millennials.” The often belittled generation is set to take over many important roles in the workforce (they already have) and are projected to make up  3-out-of-4 of workforce participants by 2025…a mere 7 years away.

This change is a big driver of these new business practices and strategies as the market attempts to entice the “best and brightest” of such an independent and purpose-driven demographic as well as meet the demands of this same demographic as they make up not only the majority of the workforce but as their purchasing power rises in tandem.

In the words of the typical movie “old-timer” (while he sits on his the front porch of his ‘depression era’ home), “times are changin sonny” and considering the changes that have already come about with mobility, it’s going to be very interesting to see what effect coming changes will have on the business world.




How Mobility is Changing Business communications How Mobility is Changing Business Communication (with Stats) 2





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