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We have come a long way since the telephone was invented in 1876. Fast forward a couple of hundred years and there continues to be radical changes in telephone systems where businesses are at the forefront of the technology. No matter what, all business have this in common: they need to direct incoming and outgoing […]

Five BEST BUSINESS PHONE SYSTEM FEATURES FOR connecting a mobile workforce

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In today’s world, employees are no longer just working in the physical office. Rather, the shift to a mobile workforce, improving cloud technology and fast network speeds means it has never been more easy for small businesses with dispersed employees and contractors to telecommute, practically and profitably. A 2012 Reuters Ipsos worldwide poll indicated one in […]


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When it comes to technology and small business phone systems, there’s never an easy solution or a one-size-fits-all fix. But like with any piece of office equipment, the more features you choose, the more you’ll likely be paying for. Knowing what the common phone system mistakes are that most small businesses make and working to […]

What Is A Cloud-Based (Hosted) Phone System and Is It Right For My Business?

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The cloud (a.k.a ‘Hosted’)— we’ve all heard the buzzword but in the case of cloud-based phone systems, it’s not a new idea. It’s really another word to mean the Internet. A cloud-based phone system refers to a phone service where you can make calls, route inbound calls and provide features like virtual voicemail and call […]

Top Security Questions To Always Ask Your VoIP Service Provider

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In shopping around for a new phone system, you may find yourself asking a lot about features, integration and scalability but one of the most essential factors to consider is security. As much as Voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) systems can offer your business benefits, there are also potential threats from inside and outside your […]

Five Features That Every Business Phone System Needs

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No matter the nature of your business, your phone system is critical to internal and external communication and can determine how smooth and efficiently your business runs. Over the last few decades, modern business phone systems are benefiting from the proliferation of new technology and applications. But with more choices and options for features than […]

How To Tell When It’s Time To Upgrade Your Business Telephone System

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Today’s modern workplace is one that requires extreme flexibility and an integrated phone system that fits the new on-the-go and always connected business environment. Some experts have even projected that within this decade, traditional landlines may already be extinct. Is your business phone network surviving this fast-paced transition? Outdated phone systems that aren’t adapting with […]

Three Reasons Why VOIP Technology Makes Sense For Businesses

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It’s a given that every business needs an easy way to communicate with its employees and customers and vice versa. But when it comes to choosing a phone system to do so, you have a choice between a traditional phone service (PBX) or going with a VoIP solution — Voice over Internet Protocol — a […]